Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Right?

We have been busy as beavers over the past couple of months and have made some amazing progress, despite taking another week long trip back to the east coast for a wedding.

All 9 windows are framed out (that was a long and sometimes challenging process we’d be happy to share with you if you’re interested!) and painted, as well as both of the doors, and we’ve also gotten several rows of siding up all around the house. We haven’t been without frustrations – bent nails, banged fingers, boards trimmed just a little too short, chickens jumping up on freshly painted boards – but what house build goes perfectly? We’re still having lots of fun and despite what feels like slow work we’re making good progress and should be able to make our goal of getting the outside finished by the end of September, because at this point all that means is 1 more coat of paint on the loft Windows and finishing siding which goes pretty quick with 2 people working on it!


Our OSHA inspectors (Squirrely-Toes, Arry, B, Cleo & Jane) taking care of anything resembling a bug problem under the trailer. Who needs chemicals when you’ve got these girls?!



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