What is Timber Framing?


Since beginning on the journey of expanding my knowledge of the building trades, I found myself drawn to and captivated by the simplicity, strength and beauty of wood on wood joinery.

It seems fitting then, if we are to embark upon the challenge of building our own home, that we tap into the same level of craftsmanship, detail and stoutness of form that I aspire to achieve in much smaller projects.

Timber framing has been in widespread use for most of the past 2,000 years, and in nearly every corner of the planet. Timber framing differentiates itself from other methods of building by using large, squared timbers joined together without the use of metal fasteners.  It relies heavily upon the mortise and tenon to secure together frame members.

As a skilled trade, timber framing practices were past down through generations of master craftsmen. Although many methods and styles have been developed in different regions, the principles are mostly the same. One of the interesting things about timber framing is that you can tell which building styles and techniques were successful. Those buildings are still standing today, and we are lucky enough to be able to learn from the vast array of examples set out before us.

To find out more about timber framing check out The Timber-Frame Home by Tedd Benson or visit the Timber Framers Guild