Over the past few years we have developed a bit of an obsession with cabins, tree houses and tiny homes.

We imagined a future where we could build a cozy little home with the individuality and functionality that many of our modern dwellings seem to lack. Like many, we happened upon the tiny house revolution.

We are no strangers to small living spaces. Over the time we’ve been together we have found ourselves in multiple living situations where space was not abundant. We have spent time living out of a hatch back, a 9’x8’ canvas tent, an open air tent platform, and a small studio apartment, which felt incredibly huge!

At the end of 2015 we moved to Port Townsend so that Raphael could participate in a 12 week intensive hand-tool woodworking course through The Port Townsend School of Woodworking.

Around the same time we started making plans and doing research for our tiny house build. What is the best building style? Where would we source a trailer? When could we start? How much is it all going to cost? And where are we going to put it? One by one, our questions started to answer themselves as everything seemed to fall into place, and through the School of Woodworking we came across the amazing opportunity to sponsor a tiny house build and take home the (semi) finished product!

160520 19 IMG_0079 1

After a year of building we were able to move in, but have been continuing work on the house. We’re not sure that its ever going to be done, but its warm, dry and cozy. Follow along as we update our progress.


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  1. I absolutely love your blog guys! Lately I’ve really gotten into the idea of buying a patch of land and building on it over time for myself. I’m sure I’ll pick up lots of info from you along the way!


    • Hey India, Thanks so much! We’re really excited to be documenting our progress, especially because we have been inspired by the positive examples set out by others before us.


  2. Awesome blog. I’m bummed I didn’t take the class, but I’m really glad I get to read all about the making of a tiny house!


  3. Great blog guys! I can’t wait to follow along! I missed where the guest quarters are?? Will we have to sleep with the chickens?


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