If I Had a Hammer…

…I’d hammer in the mornin’, I’d hammer in the evenin’, all over this land… I think Peter, Paul and Mary were building a house when they wrote this, because I feel like I’ve been hammering out everything. On another trip to the hardware store I outfitted myself with a hammer named Fat Max, and a nail pouch tool belt, and boy am I glad I did!

Fat Max and I have been doing a lot of hammering lately. Over the past week we have been putting our 1×6 sheathing on the house, and it’s hard work! I have become about 500 times better at hammering over the 3.5 walls we have done already (Raphael was already practically an expert, but I’m sure he’s improved upon his skills as well), and I think my right arm is now exponentially stronger than the left. We have both definitely become more efficient with each board – cutting angles and fitting and sizing out boards to get the least amount of waste – and while we still find ourselves in a pickle every once and a while, we’ve been moving along nicely.

We’ve figured out patterns making it so we don’t have to break out the tape measure as much when we’re 10+ feet in the air on a rickety ladder, we’ve gotten speedy at switching the angles of the saw to cut in different directions that we need, and we’ve gotten real smooth at sliding a board in, clamping it and nailing it on the house.

Our house is looking more and more like a house every day! We’ve had a few random people stop by to look at it, and our new neighbors are really excited about it too. Being inside with walls on makes it so much easier to imagine what living in it will be like, and fortunately it doesn’t seem like it’ll be too small or cramped or uncomfortable. It’s hard to believe that just 6 weeks ago it was a trailer and a pile of lumber, and I’m really looking forward to even more amazing transformations to come!

Of course there have been some bent nails, split boards and plenty of mis-measurements, but we’ve managed just fine, and all in all we should be able to have the house wrapped in weather proof paper by the end of Friday. (We’re going to Victoria, BC for the weekend then coming back for about 24 hours before we leave on a 2 week vacation to the North East, so there won’t be many posts for a little while.)



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