Almost time for the maiden voyage

As we headed into this week I found myself constantly impressed and amazed at our progress. As Steve has said, we have already leaned all of the joinery techniques while producing the wall systems. With the roof, it is and opportunity to refine and practice those skills.

With most of the roof system joinery finished up on Friday, we spent most of Monday morning finishing a few joints and glueing up the rafters.

With rain in the forecast Tuesday was all hands on deck as we hurried to install the 2×6 T&G for the roof. It was pretty amazing to see the first glimpses of our interior, as the ceiling was closed in.

Wednesday morning was spent closing up the last bit of roof, and adding some details. I really enjoyed the challenge of fitting the last pieces together as the ridge came together.

Given our mild climate, we are choosing to not insulate the roof. Of course with the added benefit of not covering up our very nice T&G car decking from the inside. In the process of deciding how to insulate the rest of the structure, we decided upon minimally insulating with a product called Infra Stop/Reflectix. It is basically a double think bubble wrap with aluminum foil on both sides. Installed with an air space, it provides a significant amount of interior energy reflection, as well as external deflection.

At some point during the course, the idea surfaced that we could use the same insulation above the car decking and below the metal roofing. It would possibly provide some insulation, and definitely help with noise dampening issues common with metal roofing. We decided to go for it, and unrolled some of the Infra Stop under our roofing felt, and we’ll see if it makes a difference.

By the end of the day on Wednesday, we tacked on a layer of roofing felt and covered up with walls with tarps to prepare for the impending showers.

Most of today was spent refining some last details, adding corner braces, installing gable fascia and waiting on our metal roof delivery.


It finally showed up by the very end of the day and we’re prepared to install it first thing in the morning.

The Port Townsend School of Woodworking will be holding a pot luck and open house starting at Noon tomorrow (5/20/16), in honor of the completion of the tiny house building course. Our journey with the school is coming to an end, but for us, it is just beginning. If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by.

Fort Worden State Park Building 304 – hope to see you all there!


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