It starts to get vertical

Over the weekend we made some time to do a little bit of planning, specifically regarding how we will be heating the space. We are going to be installing with a small wood burning stove, and wanted to understand some specifics, especially how it relates to running the chimney through the roof.

We ended up learning a lot about this system of heating, but part of what amazes me is how little we knew a few days ago. In embarking upon this build, we knew that there was going to be a virtual S#%t load of projects we are going to need to tackle, and many of them learning as we go. But now that we are underway, we are developing a workflow, and each learning opportunity seems to make us more prepared for the next.

Wrapping up last week in class and moving into this one, things were starting to feel a little tense. We were a few days behind schedule, and still had all the wall layout and joinery to do for the window headers and sills, door headers and loft joists. Feeling the pressure, everyone put their heads down and went into production mode, and accomplished an incredible amount of work.

I was thinking today, that it would be interesting if we could track the amount of times each timber has be touched. First sorted and graded, then trimmed to length. Tenon cheeks cut, followed by shoulders. Mortises laid out, bored then chopped clean. Shoulders cleaned up and joints checked for fit. This kind of care is rarely given to the built world anymore.

Today was a complete whirlwind of activity, but shortly after lunch we started assembling the first walls. We learned a lot putting the first wall up, and it made the second go a lot smoother.

The loft joists are mortised in, which makes for a bit of a challenge as we had to lean one wall out to get the tenons to slide into place. But hey! Look at that! Its starting to look like a house.


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