Stepping into production

It’s been a while since the last post, and in that time we’ve been quite busy! We got the flooring delivered on Tuesday of last week, and Wednesday it got installed on the framing of both trailers.

We treated ours with a couple of coats of Daly’s Teak Oil and covered it to protect it from the elements while class moved back inside the shop to start working on the wall framing.

After spending the weekend at home making some improvements to our chicken coop, and chipping away at the workbench I’m building, it was time to jump back into production on the house. A week in and the shop is already feeling familiar; the workflow has developed a steady rhythm, everyone seems to be figuring out their roles, and no one is afraid to speak up and share with the group.

Most of the day Thursday and Friday was spent working on scarf joints for the top and bottom plates. A big part of that was developing a marking system so that when we are fitting joints, they end up back where they started.

Yesterday and today have been in mortise and tenon city. Each house starts with 40 mortises and 40 tenons for the wall system alone.

More will be added for the roof system, corner braces, headers, sills, and the loft floor joists, but we had plenty to keep us busy so far.

On top of all that, we have been doing some floor plan layout and design to determine window and door placement.


I find that questions keep coming up and some of them I know the answers to. Others I haven’t even thought about in the slightest. I guess its all part of the process


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