Back to school

Its only been about three weeks since the end of Foundations class. It was a perfect time for a spring break. We moved the chickens outside, spent some time in the garden, and went on some nice hikes and bike rides.

But today I packed up my toolbox and headed back to school. There is always something exciting about the first day. I know it will all become routine in no time at all, but now its so new and exciting. On top of that, this is an entirely new class for PTSW. With the Foundations class, you could tell they have been running the class twice a year for many years, but there is something special about being a part of a new chapter for the school.

We started out with introductions, but quickly moved into grading lumber and starting to make the first cuts for the floor system. All in all it was a great first day, and we made more progress than I thought we would. Tomorrow we’ll be getting the trailers all set up and hopefully start assembling the floor system.


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